You’re customers are online

why aren’t you?

How many customers haven’t seen your products? How many potential sales have fallen by the wayside? How many times has a customer forgotten about your product when purchasing due to low brand awareness?

Just because we live in the sticks doesn’t mean we have to market that way. Put your business out there with our affordable rates!


Many times, we assume customers already know about our products or services or readily think about us when they’re planning a purchase. Don’t. 

Assumption costs sales.

Make sure your customers KNOW about you and all you can offer them!


Have a small advertising budget? We get it because we do, too! We’ll help you develop a plan that’s right for you.

Brand Awareness

Statistically, a customer that sees your brand many times over is more likely to purchase from you. With our affordable rates, this is possible!


Engaged Audience

Our Facebook followers are a sharing bunch. One of their favorite things to share? Info to support local businesses!

quality design

Our goal isn’t to slap as many ads on our site as possible. Instead, we want to create optimally-sized, sleek, eye-catching images that convey your business’s quality and value to our readers. (And, your ad will link back to your website, too!)

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We are currently evaluating advertising statistics collected in the third and fourth quarter of 2020, so we can more successfully place and affordably price ads for you! More info to come!

contact us and let’s
get this show on the road!

Reach out, and we will help you create a perfect plan to reach new and current customers and increase your brand awareness! (Psst! It doesn’t have to be expensive!) 

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