Meadowdale in Bloom: A Photographic Short Story

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Come walk with me on this journey through Spring’s awakening in Meadowdale…

We all survive the winter. We eat. We work. We sleep. Knowing, one day, those clouds will break, and we will yet again be warmed by the touch of the sun.


As the earth begins to shed its cold, we crawl out from under the rocks we’ve hidden beneath all winter.


And, then… that first warm day comes. We walk outside, lift our faces to the sky, and inhale deeply. We’ve almost made it.


There might be a few more cold days here and there, but we persevere. We grow. We reach for the sun.


We reach higher. Reawakened.


As the earth warms, we feel born again. Refreshed. A feeling of youth and excitement flow through our systems.


And, then… It happens…




Our spirits burst wide open and erupt with bliss, ecstasy, peace, tranquility. Spring nirvana.


And, then, we embrace the earth for every comfort she is willing to give us.

We run. We explore. We produce. We relax. We live.

Are you coming?


Photography by Erica Stephenson of Meadowdale Blooms



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Dorothy Stephenson grew up on her family's cattle operation in Meadowdale, located in the southwest corner of Highland County. When she wasn't on horseback helping her father gather and work cattle, you'd likely find her (still on horseback) jumping creeks in her family's nearby "Big Pasture." Today, though she doesn't ride horses much anymore, she has her own cattle, land, and expansion plans for a farm. Additionally, (and with the inherited, Stephenson, entrepreneurial spirit) she owns two small businesses in Highland County - Sundance Media & Design and Sundance Studio & Productions, which houses another of Dorothy's long-time loves - Clogging. Dorothy loves exploring new places, skills, and ideas, and she intends to live life to the fullest as long as it will let her. (Oh! And she LOVES Christmas!)

Erica Stephenson
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  1. Karen Raybourne

    Simply beautiful. Love the Bloodroot.

  2. David Hoover


    • Dorothy Stephenson

      Glad you enjoyed them, David! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Paige

    Some gorgeous photos!

    • Dorothy Stephenson

      Thank you, Paige!!!

  4. Bonnie Harvey

    I simply loved traveling from winter into the bright freshness of spring. Great job Erica and Dorothy!

    • Dorothy Stephenson

      Thank you, Bonnie Loo! Glad you enjoyed it!

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