Updated Leaf Report – Week of October 12

Our Highland County fans, who live outside our area, always love (and ask for) leaf updates throughout the Fall. Well… here you go!

While our leaves usually peak around mid-October (depending on the year, of course), Fall 2020 is showing some phenomenal color, and the vibrance isn’t surprising given the amount of consistent rain our mountains have received this year.

If you’re a photographer or leaf peeper and you’re planning a trip to Highland County to capture the autumn beauty, I wouldn’t wait too long. Leaves are already changing quickly, and many in the community believe it will be a fast season. Plus, my guess is, the Summer’s consistent rain trend may flow into Fall. If so, once leaves begin to change more, a 15-minute hard rain could likely take them all down. (10/13/2020 Update: We’ve had rain take down a small portion of leaves, but Fall color is definitely still healthy as you can see from the Week of October 12, 2020 pictures!)

My recommendation: It wouldn’t hurt to plan a couple trips to Highland this Fall because I think she may just be preparing to put on an ever-changing show! (10/13/2020 Update: Yes, she is definitely putting on a show!)

Now, for the Main Event. Thanks to teamwork from some of our awesome resident shutterbugs, here are pictures capturing Highland County’s Fall color during the 2020 season. Enjoy, and check back weekly throughout the season for more updates!


(Click on the images to enlarge them!)

Week of October 12, 2020

Week of October 5, 2020



Week of September 28, 2020



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  1. Nic

    Can’t wait to be there in 1 week!

  2. Carolyn

    A perfect marriage between the talent of our many local photographers and the spectacular, unspoiled scenery of Highland County. Thank you for bringing our attention to both.

    • Dorothy Stephenson

      We do have some amazing photographers who love our amazing mountains. So glad you enjoyed the post, Carolyn!

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