Find Peace in the Blue Grass Valley

Written By: Dorothy Stephenson


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Sometimes you just need to get away …  even if it’s not that far away. 

You need to step out of everyday life and be wrapped in a blanket of nothing. No work. No laundry. No chores. Nothing anywhere to remind you of things you should be doing. Instead, you should be settling into an easy chair to be carried away by a novel. Or, indulging in that movie you’ve wanted to see for months.

You need to rest your mind and recharge your heart. I feel ya.

There is such a place!

It is a cozy little escape where you can take in a big breath, lay your head back, and release all of your worries and woes. The only sounds around are the birds chirping and wind gently weaving through the trees.

If you’re lucky enough to already live in Highland County, Virginia, this place is just a piece down the road. 

For those residing in a nearby locale, such as Staunton, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke, or Washington D.C., a little one-to-three hour drive into the mountains (away from the hum of traffic and a multitude of people) could take that tension right out of your neck.

Whether you’re a visitor or a local in need of a break, this little cabin in the woods may offer the solitude you’re seeking. Furthermore, it may be the escape you not only want but need.

Highland County, Virginia, Blue Grass Cabin, Blue Grass Valley, vacation, getaway, travel, tourism, quarantine, remote, private, secluded, family, romantic, solo

Blue Grass Cabin in Highland County, Virginia

It is the Blue Grass Cabin – a three-bedroom home filled with silence, solitude, and an escape from life’s many challenges.

During a recent overnight stay there, I met-up with a few old friends, and we spent the evening under the stars. We built a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and leisurely visited the night away. We laughed. We played board games. And we forgot about our troubles and the stress of the coronavirus quarantine. (What’s more, there was plenty of room for social distancing!) It was wonderful especially since we don’t get to hang out quite as often as we used to.

Highland County, Virginia, Blue Grass Cabin, Blue Grass Valley, vacation, getaway, travel, tourism, quarantine, remote, private, secluded, family, romantic, solo

There’s Nothing Like Good Friends, a Campfire, and Smores

We left the larger world behind and created a little world just for us. 

The next morning, I woke before everyone else. So, I tip-toed my way outside after fixing coffee and grabbing my current read. I sat on the deck, cradling the warm mug in my hands. I inhaled that fresh morning mountain air and exhaled – totally cleansed. 

I didn’t pick up my book right away. It rested on a little, wooden side table next to me. Instead, I looked around at the friendly forest, which almost seemed to embrace me in a hug. No tension in my forehead. No weight on my shoulders. Only me, this natural beauty, and these heavenly hills. Peace.

An hour or so later, my friends woke up.

Highland County, Virginia, Blue Grass Cabin, Blue Grass Valley, vacation, getaway, travel, tourism, quarantine, remote, private, secluded, family, romantic, solo

Enjoying Breakfast with Friends

We enjoyed a lazy morning filled with pancakes and Highland County maple syrup. After exploring the woods a bit and snapping some pictures, we packed and departed. We all headed back to our respective lives, which became a little more enjoyable since we’d had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. And, enjoy each other.

This little escape did the trick.

Our overall quality of life was entirely improved. Rested and revived, we faced the challenges ahead with new strength.

Blue Grass Cabin worked like a charm.


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Dorothy Stephenson grew up on her family's cattle operation in Meadowdale, located in the southwest corner of Highland County. When she wasn't on horseback helping her father gather and work cattle, you'd likely find her (still on horseback) jumping creeks in her family's nearby "Big Pasture." Today, though she doesn't ride horses much anymore, she has her own cattle, land, and expansion plans for a farm. Additionally, (and with the inherited, Stephenson, entrepreneurial spirit) she owns two small businesses in Highland County - Sundance Media & Design and Sundance Studio & Productions, which houses another of Dorothy's long-time loves - Clogging. Dorothy loves exploring new places, skills, and ideas, and she intends to live life to the fullest as long as it will let her. (Oh! And she LOVES Christmas!)


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